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Key West City Staff Directory

Allen, Robert Sergeant Police Department rallen@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1074
Anderson, Mary Administrative Assistant I Fire Department manderso@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3933
Anderson, Steve Dockmaster Historic Seaport/Marinas sanderson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3984
Andruzzi, Michael Police Officer Police Department mandruzzi@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Anglin, Thomas Police Officer Police Department tanglin@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Anzoategui, Fabiana Head Lifeguard Instructor Community Services   305-292-8248
Arencibia, Martha C. Port Operations Coordinator Cruise Ships/Marine Services marencibia@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3791
Averette, Alan Division Chief/Emergency Mgmt-Tra i Fire Department aaverett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3942
Badgett, Bonnita Code Compliance Inspector Code Compliance bbadgett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3762
Ball, Vicki Tenant Administrator Key West Bight Marina vball@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3801
Barker, Ellie Administrative Coordinator Police Department ebarker@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Barrios, Bernardo Sergeant Police Department bbarrios@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Barrios, Donald Sergeant Police Department dbarrios@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Barroso, Gregory Captain/Inspector Fire Department gbarroso@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3934
Barroso, Jason Fire Inspector Fire Department jbarroso@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3935
Beattie, Michael Telecommunicator II Police Department mbeattie@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Beaver, Larry T Executive Director Citizens Review Board crb@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3887
Beeman, Tiffany Police Officer Police Department tbeeman@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Benkoczy, Jim Lieutenant Police Department jbenkoczy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1027
Bennett, Jo Administrative Assistant II Planning and Zoning Dept jbennett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3723
Bervaldi, Christina M Computer Systems Support Analyst Information Technology cbervaldi@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Betz, Frank Police Officer Police Department fbetz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Biskup, Eric Sergeant Police Department ebiskup@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Black, Dave Lieutenant Police Department dblack@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Black, Rachel Telecommunicator I Police Department rblack@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Blackmon, Jan Dockmaster City Marina at Garrison Bight   305-809-3981
Blanco, Daniel Division Chief/Fire Marshall Fire Department dblanco@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3931
Blanco, Daniel A Police Officer Police Department dablanco@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Blasberg, Frank Sergeant Police Department fblasberg@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Blum, Jonathan Assistant Dockmaster Historic Seaport/Marinas   305-809-3984
Bogoeff, Jason Fireman Fire Department jbogoeff@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Bond, Kevin                                       Acting Planning Director/Senior PlannPlanning and Zoning Dept               kbond@cityofkeywest-fl.gov                                  305-809-3725
Borzy, Lisa Risk Manager Legal Department ltakachborzy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3811
Bouquet P.E., James City Engineer Engineering Department jbouquet@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3962
Bouvier, Kristopher Police Officer Police Department kbouvier@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Bradshaw, Doug Port and Marina Services Director Cruise Ships/Marine Services dbradshaw@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3792
Brandenburg, Sean Captain Police Department sbrandenburg@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1009
Bridger, Chris Assistant City Attorney Legal cbridger@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3779
Brittain, Russell Cemetery Sexton Cemetery rbrittain@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-292-8177
Budde, Angela M Deputy City Clerk City Clerk abudde@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3836
Budde, Michael Captain Fire Department mbudde@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Bulnes, Robert Police Officer Police Department rbulnes@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Cabaleiro, Marta Permit Tech Building Department mcabaleiro@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3974
Calvert, Thad Police Officer Police Department tcalvert@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Canalejo, Mary E. Executive Administrative Assistant Police Department mcanalejo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1085
Carey, Lissette Executive Assistant II City Clerk lcarey@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3844
Cassidy, Paul Foreman Community Services pcassidy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3758
Castillo, Jason Police Officer Police Department jcastillo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Castro, John Director Utilities Department jcastro@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3902
Castro, John A Plan Reviewer Building Department jacastro@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Cates, Craig Mayor Mayor's Office ccates@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3840
Cao, Eric Plans Examiner Building Department ecao@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3958
Celcer, Gary Police Officer Police Department gcelcer@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3800
Chaustit, Michael Police Officer Police Department mchausti@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Chavarria, Deglys E Police Officer Police Department dchavarr@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Christiansen, Lisa R Telecommunicator I Police Department lchristiansen@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Clark, Thomas Police Officer Police Department tclark@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Cleare, Miriam Permit Tech Building Department mcleare@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3954
Cleare, Veronica Permit Tech Building Department vcleare@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3952
Collins, William D. Foreman Community Services wcollins@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3766
Connor, Anthony Assistant Dockmaster City Marina at Garrison Bight   305-809-3981
Cooper, Diane M. Department Auditor / Contract Admi Historic Seaport/Marinas dcooper@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3793
Corbett, Peg Code Compliance Inspector/ADA Coo Code Compliance pcorbett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3731
Corn, Shannon Telecommunicator I Police Department scorn@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Crean, Alyson Public Information Officer Police Department acrean@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1058
Currul, Robert Police Officer Police Department rcurrul@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1006
Curry, BethAnn Accounting Coordinator Finance/Budget Department bcurry@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3817
Curry Hill, Gerzale R. HARC Assistant Building Department ghill@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3972
Cutie, Edward Police Officer Police Department ecutie@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Dancho, John Telecommunicator I Police Department jdancho@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Davila, Marcus A. Deputy Director Community Services madavila@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3751
Davila, Michael Division Chief of Operations Fire Department mdavila@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3938
De Velasco, Alberto Police Officer Police Department adevelasco@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Dean, Jeff Police Officer Police Department jdean@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Del Cid-Calvert, Janeth Police Officer Police Department jcalvert@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1019
del Valle, Henry Police Officer Police Department hdelvalle@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3873
del Valle, Marcus Police Officer Police Department mdelvalle@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Delostrinos, Rod Director of Community Services Community Services rdelostrinos@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3767
DeMaria, Karen Urban Forestry Manager Planning and Zoning Dept kdemaria@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3768
Diaz, Belen Telecommunicator II Police Department bbenitez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Diaz, Michael Police Officer Police Department mdiaz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3874
Diaz, Noel Telecommunicator I Police Department ndiaz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Diaz, Onelia Telecommunicator I Police Department odiaz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
DockMaster, City Marina at GB   City Marina at Garrison Bight keywestcitymarina@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3981
DockMaster, KW Bight Marina   Historic Seaport/Marinas keywestbightmarina@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3983
Duponty, Frank Police Officer Police Department fduponty@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Erskine, Larry Assistant City Attorney Legal lerskine@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3774
Fallon, John Fleet Facility Specialist Fleet Maintenance jfallon@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3904
Farist, Samantha H.R. Director Human Resources sfarist@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3716
Flowers, Venetia A Administrative Assistant II Planning and Zoning Dept vflowers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3764
Fraga, D. Paul Police Officer Police Department dfraga1@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Fraga, David Fire Chief Fire Department dfraga@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3937
Fraser, Scott FEMA Coordinator Building Department sfraser@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3810
Gage, Toni Supervisor of Customer Service Parking Department tgage@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3864
Galbo, Nicholas Police Officer Police Department ngalbo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Gardner, Steve Construction Inspector Utilities Department sgardner@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3761
Garrido, Gabriel Police Officer Police Department ggarrido@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Gartenmayer, Debra Administrative Assistant II Historic Seaport/Marinas dgartenmayer@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3802
Geercken, Kim M. Telecommunicator Police Department kgeercken@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Gomez, Julio Police Officer Police Department jgomez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Gray, Danyle Recruitment Officer Police Department dgray@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1087
Guieb, Antonio V. Telecommunicator I Police Department aguieb@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Guy, Kayla R. HR Assistant I Human Resources kguy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3715
Haia, Carolyn Transit Grant and Project Manager Transit Department chaia@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3913
Haley, Matthew Police Officer Police Department mhaley@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1022
Hall, David Police Officer Police Department dhall@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Hammers, Jesse L Police Officer Police Department jhammers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Hansell, Kathryn Police Officer Police Department khansell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Hansell, Matthew Police Officer Police Department mhansell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Harmon, Shane Lead Certified Mechanic Fleet Maintenance sharmon@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3903
Harrison, Susan P. Senior Deputy City Clerk City Clerk sharrison@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3834
Hartle, Randall Police Officer Police Department rhartle@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1032
Hawthorne, David Marina Supervisor City Marina at Garrison Bight dhawthorne@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3982
Helfner, Isaac Police Officer Police Department ihelfner@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Hepworth, Christina Fleet Manager Fleet Maintenance chepworth@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3905
Hernandez, Leo Code Compliance Inspector Code Compliance lhernandez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3730
Hernandez, Rogelio Transit Supervisor Transit Department rhernandez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3915
Herrington, Ronald Shift Commander Fire Department rherring@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Herron, David Multi-Cert Inspector Building Department dherron@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3953
Higgins, Alison Sustainability Coordinator Planning and Zoning Dept ahiggins@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3726
Hoegle, Jason Media Technician Information Technology jhoegle@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Huestis, Eric Computer Systems Support Analyst Information Technology ehuestis@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Hurd, Claire Executive Assistant II Legal churd@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3770
Ignoffo, Elizabeth F. Contract & Permit Engineer Utilities Department eignoffo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3966
Jackson, Cassandra Records Clerk Police Department cjackson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Jewell, Areaka Lieutenant Police Department ajewell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1091
Johnson, Matthew Police Officer Police Department mjohnson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Johnson, Michael Certified Mechanic Fleet Maintenance majohnson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3903
Johnson, Stephanie Administrative Specialist Community Services sjohnson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3765
Johnston, Teri City Commissioner District 5 City Commissioners tjohnston@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3841
Jones, Wesley Fireman Fire Department wjones@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Justice, Terrence K. Project Coordinator Engineering Department tjustice@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3943
Keith, June Executive Assistant III Police Department jkeith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1042
Keohane, Kuniko Police Officer Police Department kkeohane@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Kielman, Nancy S. Finance Director Finance / Budget Department ngibson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3821
Kline, Keith Telecommunicator II Police Department kkline@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Knowles, James Lead Certified Mechanic Community Services jknowles@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-896-4434
Kouri, David Police Officer Police Department dkouri@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Ladino, Oscar Foreman Public Works oladino@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3761
Lamberson, Jimmy Lead Certified Mechanic Fleet Maintenance jlamberson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3903
Lariz, Bradley Sergeant Police Department blariz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3870
Leahy, Brian Police Officer Police Department bleahy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Lee, Jr, Donald J. Chief of Police Police Department dlee@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1042
Lewis, Pearline Risk Mgmt. Specialist Human Resources plewis@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3812
Llagostera, Roberto Pool / Facility Supervisor Community Services   305-292-8248
Lockyear, Mary Code Compliance Inspector Code Compliance mlockyear@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3733
Lopez, Clayton City Commissioner District VI City Commissioners clopez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3844
Lovette, Gary Police Officer Police Department glovette@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Main Line Engineering Srvcs   Engineering Department   305-809-3951
Major, Ralph Foreman Community Services rmajor@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3758
Major, Jr., Charles Coordinator I MLK Comm. Pool & Comm. Ctr   305-293-8305
Malgrat, Michael Police Officer Police Department mmalgrat@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Malsheimer, Karl Police Officer Police Department kmalsheimer@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3872
Marine Unit, KWPD   Police Department   305-809-3796
McDowell, Chawana Lead Records Clerk Police Department cmcdowell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1073
McLauchlin, Patti IT Director Information Technology pmclauchlin@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3944
Medina, Gustavo Police Officer Police Department gmedina@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Meizis, Barbara Code Compliance Inspector Code Compliance bmeizis@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3729
Mercer, Christy Computer Support Technician Information Technology cmercer@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Michaud, Cyndee Administrative Coordinator Facilities Maintenance cmichaud@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3756
Millett-Fowley, Debbie Code Compliance Legal Analyst Code Compliance dmillett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3736
Mitchell, Stephen Police Officer Police Department smitchell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Monroe, David Deputy Director Information Technology dmonroe@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Monteagudo, Emilio Records Clerk Police Department emonteagudo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1070
Morris, Deandre Police Officer Police Department dmorris@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Mott, Gabriela Coordinator III Finance / Budget Department gmott@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3824
Muccino, Janet M. Project Manager Utilities Department jmuccino@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3867
Navarro, Portia Executive Assistant to the ACM City Manager pnavarro@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3883
Nelson, Anna Police Officer Police Department anelson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Nicklaus, Diane Executive Assistant II Engineering Department dnicklaus@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3951
OConnell, Kevin Police Officer Police Department koconnell@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Office, Port Operations   Cruise Ships / Marine Services   305-809-3790
Olson, Karen M.                               Deputy Port and Marina Services DireCruise Ships / Marine Services       kolson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov                                 305-809-3803
Osterhoudt, Nicholas GIS Manager Planning and Zoning Dept nosterhoudt@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3721
Otto, Terri Dockmaster City Marina at Garrison Bight totto@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3981
Parker, Alice Benefits Specialist Human Resources Department aparker@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3713
Paul-Leto, Melissa Planner Analyst Planning and Zoning Department mleto@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3724
Pedersen, Lars Facilities Maintenance Tech Facilities Maintenance lpedersen@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3979
Perez, Edward Division Chief Fire Department eperez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3796
Perkins, Kelly HARC Assistant Planner Planning and Zoning Dept kperkins@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3975
Peters, Tiffini Police Officer Police Department tpeters@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1005
Pettee, Michael Police Officer Police Department mpettee@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Pita, Kim G Licensing Administrator Building Department kpita@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3971
Ramsingh, Ronald Assistant City Attorney Legal rramsingh@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3770
Ratcliff, Maria Executive Admin to City Mgr City Manager mratcliff@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3881
Ray, David Building Inspector I Building Department dray@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3969
Ream, Kathleen Lieutenant Police Department kream@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1010
Reception, Gen Info Transportation                                                                Transit Department                                                                                                                305-809-3910
Rengiil, Prince Assistant Dockmaster Historic Seaport/Marinas   305-809-3984
Revoredo, Nick Police Officer Police Department nrevoredo@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Rhinhart, Christopher Police Officer Police Department crhinhart@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Richardson, Curtiss Police Officer Police Department crichardson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Richardson, Denise Coordinator II Police Department drichardson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1082
Richardson, Richard H HR Administrator II Human Resources Department rrichardson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3711
Richardson, Terrence N. Electrical Inspector Building Department trichardson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3961
Rivera, Michael A Network Administrator II Information Technology mrivera@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Rockteschel, Elke Tenant Administrator City Marina GB erockteschel@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3980
Rodriguez, Pablo Sergeant Police Department prodriguez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1000
Rodriguez, Vicente Asst. Transit Supervisor Department of Transportation vrodriguez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3916
Rodriguez Jr., Alexander Police Officer Police Department arodriguez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Rogers, Benjamin C Coordinator II Police Department brogers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1013
Romines, Noel L Deputy Finance Director Finance / Budget Department nromines@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3822
Rossi, Mark City Commissioner District II City Commissioners mrossi@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-296-7050
Ryan, Dennis Police Officer Police Department dryan@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Saliceto, Gennaro Assistant Transit Supervisor                  Transit Department gsaliceto@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3910
Sarver, Richard Community Services Superintendent Facilities Maintenance rsarver@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3757
Sawyer, Molly Administrative Specialist Fire Department msawyer@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3936
Scholl, James K City Manager City Manager jscholl@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3888
Scott, Regina G. Customer Service Specialist Transit Department rscott@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3911
Sealey, Darnell Police Officer Police Department mailto:dsealey@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Sealey, Shirley Collections/Customer Service Rep Utility Bill Information ssealey@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3861
Sellers, Brenda Police Officer Police Department bsellers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Sellers, Frederick Quartermaster Police Department fsellers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1080
Sellers, Mark Shift Commander Fire Department msellers@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Sermak, David Coordinator III Finance / Budget Department dsermak@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3819
Sheldon, Carolyn Senior Grants Administrator City Manater csheldon@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3741
Shine, Frenza Switchboard Operator Human Resources Department fshine@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3945
Shouldice, Michael Police Officer Police Department mshouldice@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Sims, Carter Police Officer Police Department csims@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Siracuse, Mark Police Officer Police Department msiracuse@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Smith, Carlene Planner II Planning cesmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3722
Smith, Cheri City Clerk City Clerk csmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3835
Smith, David Lieutenant Police Department dtsmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1011
Smith, Nicholas Telecommunicator I Police Department nsmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Smith, Randall Acting Sergeant Police Department rsmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Smith, Shawn D. City Attorney Legal sdsmith@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3770
Snider, Sue Central Purchasing Agent Purchasing ssnider@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3815
Spurlock, Sarah H. Assistant City Manager City Manager's Office sspurlock@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3877
Stafford, William Gym/Facility Supervisor Community Services wstafford@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-293-8305
Standerwick, Scott Police Officer Police Department sstanderwick@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1015
Stansbury, Tara Administrative Assistant II Public Works tstansbury@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3759
Steckly, Devon Senior Project Manager Engineering Department dsteckly@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3747
Steckly, Leigh A. Permit Technician Building Department lsteckly@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3968
Sterling, Randy Recreation Facilities Manager Open Space and Recreation rsterling@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3769
Stevens, Todd Police Officer Police Department tstevens@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1023
Stockton, Joseph Police Officer Police Department jstockton@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Strader, Jessica Communications Administrator Police Department jstrader@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Stutz, Thomas Police Officer Police Department tstutz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Tait, Mark Marina Manager Historic Seaport/Marinas mtait@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3985
Takach Borzy, Lisa M Risk Manager Legal Department ltakachborzy@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3811
Tellier, Jeremy Police Officer Police Department jtellier@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Thomas, Richard Police Officer Police Department rthomas@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Thompson, William Solid Waste Coordinator Utilities Department wthompson@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3776
Thrift, Grace Administrative Coordinator Code Compliance gthrift@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3732
Todd, Dorothy Web Specialist/Technical Analyst Information Technology dtodd@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3920
Torregrosa, Enid Historic Preservation Planner Planning and Zoning Department etorregrosa@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3973
Torrence, Steve Community Affairs Officer Police Department storrence@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1007
Torres, Brunilda Coordinator III Finance / Budget Department btorres@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3823
Torres, J.R. Captain Police Department jtorres@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1084
Tripp, Joseph Sergeant Police Department jtripp@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1035
Turner, Michael Utilities Collections Manager Utilities Department mturner@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3816
Vazquez, Alfredo Lieutenant Police Department avazquez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1011
Vazquez, Billy Police Officer Police Department bvazquez@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Veliz, Greg Assistant City Manager City Manager's Office gveliz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3879
Vieux, Michael Senior Construction Manager Engineering Department mvieux@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3964
Volenec, Gary Civil Engineer Engineering Department gvolenec@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3967
Wagner, Karl Fireman Fire Department kwagner@cityofkeywest-fl.gov  
Waite, Kenneth (JW) Telecommunicator I Police Department kwaite@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Walker, Carolyn Chief Licensing Official/Adm Mgr Building Department cwalker@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3957
Wallis, Derek Police Officer Police Department dwallis@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Walsh, Kevin Dockmaster Historic Seaport/Marinas   305-809-3984
Wampler, Ronald                             Chief Building Official / ADA Coordina Building Department                        rwampler@cityofkeywest-fl.gov                            305-809-3738
Wanciak, Kathyann Police Officer Police Department kwanciak@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Wardlow, Billy City Commissioner District III City Commissioners bwardlow@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-296-2723
Wardlow, Kenneth Captain/Inspector Fire Department kwardlow@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3932
Warmington, Scott Police Officer Police Department swarmington@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Weekley, Jimmy City Commissioner District I City Commissioners jweekley@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3844
Whitaker, Norman Director of Transportation Transit Department nwhitaker@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3918
Wilbarger, Marilyn D. Senior Property Manager Historic Seaport/Marinas mwilbarger@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3794
Wilbourn, Kristi Telecommunicator II Police Department kwilbour@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Wilcox, Megan Property/Evidence Supervisor Police Department mwilcox@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1061
Wilkins, John A. Parking Manager Parking Department jwilkins@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3855
Willett-Ramirez, Amanda Legal Assistant II Legal awillett@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3772
Williams, Cynthia Police Officer Police Department cwilliams@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Williamson, Jeffery Sergeant Police Department jwilliam@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1052
Willman, Matt Code Compliance Inspector Code Compliance mwillman@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3735
Wolf, Michael Police Officer Police Department mwolf@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Wood, Hollis Sergeant Police Department hwood@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1054
Woods, Anita Accounting Clerk III Finance / Budget Department awoods@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3863
Wright, Brett FMT Supervisor Facilities Maintenance bwright@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3755
Wright, Patrick Planner II Planning and Zoning Dept pwright@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3778
Yanes, Angie Community Service Aide I Police Department ayanes@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Yaniz, Tony City Commissioner District IV City Commissioners tyaniz@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3844
Yarber, Schavawn Budget Analyst Finance / Budget Department syarber@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3808
Young, Jesse Police Officer Police Department jyoung@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Young, Jim Director Code Compliance jjyoung@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3737
Young, Monica Police Officer Police Department myoung@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1111
Zamora, Frank Sergeant Police Department fzamora@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-3830
Zeman, Jean Property & Evidence Technician Police Department jzeman@cityofkeywest-fl.gov 305-809-1062

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