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Adding your menu to the site is only $14.95 per year. You must also have a Detail Page as the menu is linked from the Detail Page i.e. display ad.

No, you can't have the menu on the Detail Page. That page is HTML so we have to type in all the HTML code to display the copy that a customer provides. We are not typing in the code to display something as complicated as a menu. That would be more costly then the $19.95 and the $14.95 combined.

The menu will be a PDF file. A PDF file displays your menu exactly as the human eye sees it. We will scan in your menu and link it to your Detail page. Many menus are more than one page, so the $14.95 is actually a real deal for most restaurants, as we have to scan each page into the PDF file.

If a customer has an events schedule or other printed material they would like on the site, we are not going to reproduce it by typing it into a HTML editor and adding all the HTML to it. It will be scanned as a PDF file and linked to the customer's Detail Page.

A restaurant with a Detail Page and a paid menu is permitted to include 3 food/beverage items on the detail page as specials, the most popular and most often ordered, as an example of pricing, or for another reason. You can also include photos of the items at $20.00 per photograph.

A Detail Page can have up to 6 images/graphics. We want to keep the Detail Page relatively small as the site is intended for mobile devices. You get a link to your main website. However, for many businesses, the Detail Page is really all they need.

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