swirls- property of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. Promotion Plans

First, the websites are being promoted through a 1,000+ plus flyer distribution to local businesses which will help to build the telephone directory. The flyer also promotes KEYSvoice.com and the sale of display ads in the Key West Family Coupon Book so businesses can promote themselves this summer to local home owners and other residents.

33040.mobi and KEYSvoice.com will both be promoted to the local community in the Key West Family Coupon Book, 6,000 copies of which will be distributed door to door to mostly single family residences in Key West, Stock Island and Key Haven.

The sites will also be promoted in Google and other search engines. 33040.mobi will be promoted with Google Adwords on the Google search engine.

Business cards promoting the sites will be distributed to cab drivers and others for distribution to tourists.

Other promotional activities will also be conducted.


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